Sunday, June 19, 2011

God answers Prayer!

So you all my not believe me when i say this...
but prayer works, and whether you deny it or embrace it, i can say that it works all the time.
so about a month ago i was in an artist slump and i honest to God could not draw a bunny right. i tried and tried and all of them looked awful. but i went to my room and i prayed. (yes i prayed about drawing bunnies). and when i went back to work, i still couldn't draw a bunny. so i tried drawing a little fat girl. again, those too looked awful. but then i prayed one more time in the computer lab at 1 in the morning and i was so frustrated. the room was pitch black and i was all alone, when all of a sudden one of my friends Trevor Jones walks in. i tell him my problem, and he gives me a pep talk, and for some reason, it all just clicked in my head. i put pencil to paper and everything i drew was like nothing i had ever drawn before. in that instant i had had a creative metamorphosis so abrupt and like nothing i had ever experienced in my life.SOOOOOOOO from then on i was able to draw my own cartoons! CUTE, APPEALING, CARTOONS!!!! this whole year i was trying to draw cartoons like other people. experimenting with styles of cartooning and copying other master designers, but nothing felt right.
  i was living in a sinful mindset and i wasn't really whole heatedly living for the Lord. but near the end of the year i had tried harder to embrace Jesus like i had done before. i began trying harder to keep my heart and mind on him and it worked. i feel like my relationship with him has a fresh new beginning, and he has blessed my artwork tenfold.
       Recently as i have returned home i was struggling to take my new, God given cartoony style, and combine it with my old illustration style and it wasn't working for a while, and yes i got discouraged, but i kept praying and seeking the Lord and he has blessed me again. and this is what he gave me...


  1. portlynn!
    i love your doodles
    keep up the good work!
    you're a hard working and talented artist,
    and you'll go a long way no matter what!

  2. Nicely done! The third one looks like Rob Pattinson.

  3. ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!! thank you Tammy!!! you are so sweet! and emily, you totally read my mind! i've been thinking about how we need a skpe jam soon!

  4. there's so much awesome sauce in this

  5. Yes Portlynn! Also after I posted that comment I realized that I have seen these before and I think I said the same thing about Rob Pattinson then too, and forgot. haha.

  6. I saw these before but forgot to comment. derp.
    These are so cute!! :D

  7. That is a very inspirational story. And I love sketches #2 and #4 the best, they are fantastic.

  8. I love the way you draw women Portlynn. In every piece you capture a different shade of the complex existance of females. Please don't stop girlie

    By the way it's Mariah :p